Important Announcement regarding Bungree’s Notice of Termination of Property Leases

RE: Bungree Aboriginal Association Limited – Notice of Termination of Property Leases

We wish to advise that the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal yesterday made orders:

    1. staying the decision of the NSW Register of Community Housing to cancel the registration of Bungree as a community housing provider; and
    2. re-instating the registration of Bungree as a community housing provider

These orders were sought on the following bases:

    1. The stay was necessary in order to preserve the delivery of existing programs and services to Aboriginal people.
    2. Without a stay, Bungree may be deprived of any benefits from a successful appeal.
    3. Bungree has a very strong case against the Registrar.

The New South Wales Registrar of Community Housing did not oppose those orders being made.

The effect of those orders is that Bungree is able to carry on as a community housing provider in providing services to the Aboriginal community until the appeal against the Registrar’s decision is determined by the Tribunal.

In prosecuting these proceedings Bungree asserts that the Registrar’s decision was fundamentally flawed in that:

  1. The Registrar has breached legislation in numerous aspects.
  2. The Registrar has misapplied legislation in reaching his decision.
  3. Factual conclusions reached by the Registrar, and relied upon as reasons for his decision, are incorrect.
  4. Bungree was denied procedural fairness in relation to the decision.

If you have any questions concerning this matter at all please contact Bungree CEO Suzanne Naden on 02 4350 0100.

Yours faithfully
Suzanne Naden, CEO
Bungree Aboriginal Association