Education Gaps Program

Bungree’s Education Gaps Program provides an individual and family based service targeting education, employment pathways and training needs for children, youth, individuals and family members. The service is offered to eligible recipients in the Central Coast and Lower Lake Macquarie regions.

The Education Gaps Program assists the family to engage with their children’s educational and learning process, assisting and encouraging parent’s engagement with their children’s schools and other services.

The Bungree team will liaise with families, individuals and service providers to increase access and participation by:

  • Providing outreach and advocacy support
  • Assisting with advice and guidance to specialist services e.g. occupational therapy speech therapy, psychological assessments
  • Supporting and encouraging students in their engagements with schools
  • Mentoring and assisting parents and carers in their children’s learning experiences
  • Assisting, preparing and supporting parents and older children in readiness for the workforce

Access and Eligibility 

The Education Gaps Program is available to the following groups:

  • Families with children in school with parents/carers preparing for the workforce or training and learning
  • Individuals requiring assistance with training and employment pathways

The service area covers the Central Coast region and Lower Lake Macquarie region (Toronto, Morisset, Belmont and Swansea).

The Education Gaps Program can be accessed via:

  • Self-referrals
  • Referrals from schools
  • Referrals from government and non-government agencies

Learn More

If you would like to find out more about Bungree’s Education Gaps Program, contact the Bungree team on 02 4350 0100 (Option 6) or email