Aboriginal Family Preservation Services

The Aboriginal Family Preservation Services (AFPS) is an intensive program offered by Bungree’s Children, Youth and Family Services team for eligible families on the Central Coast.

The program aims to assist families that are at risk of having their child or children removed, as well as those needing intensive intervention to facilitate reunification and the safe return of children from out of home care to their families.

The primary focus of the services is the safety, welfare and wellbeing of the child and/or young person, in a culturally appropriate environment.

Our Aboriginal Family Preservation Services program works within the principles of:

Access and Eligibility

This service is aimed at supporting children, young people and their families living on the Central Coast

Access to our Aboriginal Family Preservation Services can be provided via referrals from NSW Family and Community Services on the Central Coast.

Learn More

If you would like to find out more about Bungree’s Aboriginal Family Preservation Services, contact the Bungree team on 02 4350 0100 (Option 1) or email enquiries@bungree.org.au.

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