Housing Application Form

Click here to download the Bungree Housing Application form.

About your Application

  • Print out and fill in this form to apply for housing under programs provided by Bungree Aboriginal Association Ltd.
  • Please complete the form in BLOCK CAPITAL letters and reply to all questions to make sure that your application is properly assessed.
  • If you require help to fill out this form, ask a Bungree staff member to assist you.
  • Your application will be assessed on the basis of the information you provide so before you fill in this form, please read it carefully.
  • You must provide certain documents with your application. Please ensure that all required documents are included. Photocopies of documents are acceptable however originals must be shown to staff.

If you have any questions, please contact the Bungree Housing Team on 02 43500 100 (Option 2) or email enquiries@bungree.org.au.


The AHO is responsible for assessing and confirming the eligibility of all proposed tenants. Where there is a dispute the provider may lodge an appeal. A decision of the Aboriginal Housing Office’s Appeals Committee is however final.


Under the program, Bungree Aboriginal Association must ensure that housing is allocated to applicants who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders who meet the eligibility criteria.


People who are current tenants of another Social Housing Provider* and are adequately housed in permanent accommodation are not eligible to apply for housing under this program. This applies to spouses and partners and their dependents (children or minors in their custody) of applicants deemed adequately housed.

Family members who are deemed independent of the tenant by the Housing Provider, have reached adult age (18 years), or are a second family in a residence and require independence, are eligible to lodge separate applications for housing under the program. The reasons for independent accommodation should clearly be stated on their Housing Register Application.

Applicants who believe their accommodation is inadequate or inappropriate may be considered under the program only if they can demonstrate that all steps to alleviate the problems have been exhausted. E.g. if the applicant is in a DOH, AHO or other community housing provider dwelling, evidence must be provided that they have applied, and been approved, for rehousing and that no suitable housing is available.

Applicants need a letter from the DOH, which explains how many offers of accommodation have been made to the applicant, if any, and the reason for the applicant’s rejection of them. (Reasons might include cultural, family, responsibilities, kinship ties or medical grounds.)

As a rule, applicants or household members who own or are purchasing accommodation are not eligible for housing under the HACP. However, if the applicant is not able to live in their current accommodation for reasons such as family breakdown and where the monetary value of the dwelling cannot be realised as a result, the applicant may be considered.