Catastrophic weather conditions – impact on fines

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has declared a state of emergency for the next seven days. This is due to the extreme fire situation across the state and worsening weather conditions. A state of emergency has also been declared in QLD.

Revenue NSW is taking all reasonable steps to ensure customers in areas affected by fire are not further disadvantaged by untimely fines enforcement action. Fines and enforcement action has been suspended for customers in impacted areas identified on the NSW Rural Fire Service and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services websites. This means they will not take any of the following actions in those areas:

  • issue new penalty reminder notices or overdue fines,
  • apply restrictions with the Roads and Maritime Services, or
  • take civil enforcement action such as garnishee orders or property seizure orders.

We will constantly review the situation to identify any further areas affected by fire.

What if customers need to drive?

Any licence suspension or vehicle registration cancellation imposed due to non-payment of fines will not be automatically lifted. However, the safety of our customers is most important. If customers are affected by the fires and need to drive, we will lift any driving restriction imposed, if requested. We encourage advocates to call us to discuss the situation.

What if customers are on a payment plan?

Payment plans will not be automatically suspended. However, customer or their advocates can call us to ask for the payment plan to be placed on hold.

How long will fines and enforcement action be suspended?

Fines and enforcement action will remain suspended until we are confident customers are no longer impacted and fines and enforcement action will not cause further disadvantage.

What if customers have other debts or obligations with Revenue NSW?

Customers or their advocates can contact us to discuss other debts or obligations they have with Revenue NSW, such as land tax or State debts (such as ambulance fees). We will look at further relief actions on a case by case basis.

Ongoing support

In cases where fire has caused longer term impacts on customers, we are here to help. We can suspend fines and enforcement action for a longer period of time, approve affordable payment plans, support customers with a Work and Development Order, or in serious cases we may also write off a customer’s debt.

Your safety is the number one priority. Please don’t put yourself at risk and, if you’re affected by the fires, please stay safe by following the advice of the emergency services.