Public notice: Education Gaps Program

It is with great sadness that Bungree Aboriginal Association (Bungree) formally announces that after a lengthy review and assessment conducted by a Joint Decision Making Panel comprising of Barang Regional Alliance and National Indigenous Australian Agency (NIAA) (Jul 2022) Bungree has now been formally notified of the outcome made on 4 Nov 2022 being that NIAA have decided not to refund our contract moving forward.

As you would understand, Bungree is disappointed with this outcome as after successfully delivering this program for over six years to both the Central Coast and Lower Lake Macquarie areas, we now have to cease the program effective immediately.

Bungree Education Gaps Program provides an individual and family-based service targeting educational, training and employment pathway needs of Indigenous children, youth, families and adults.

The program service delivery and targets had variations over the years however we have successfully achieved our targets through significant natural disasters and a pandemic.

2016/2017 Target 70 families – achieved 50 families Central Coast supported
2017/2018 Target 285 families, individuals Lower Lake Macquarie now included – 146 supports
2018/2019 Target 285 families, individuals – 360 supports
2019/2020 Target 285 families, individuals – 213 supports (Pandemic from Feb 2020 impacts)
2020/2021 Target 285 families, individuals – 277 supports (pandemic and lockdown impacts)
2021/2022 Target 285 families, individuals – 195 supports (pandemic and lockdown impacts)

Bungree would like to thank our government and non-government agencies that worked in partnership with Bungree Education Gaps Program staff to support our clients/participants goals, outcomes and access to essential services and programs.

We thank staff from NSW Department of Education, all government and non -government schools, NSW AECG Regional and Local Groups, Central Coast Local Health District, Headspace, Interrelate, NSW Department of Community and Justice – Central Coast, Uniting and Job Centre Australia – Gosford.

Bungree team is currently engaging with our existing clients to support a smooth transition to other services/programs for ongoing support.

Again thank you everyone for your continued support for better outcomes for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients.

Yours sincerely

Suzanne Naden
CEO Bungree